1 of 1 Signature Edition

The process begins with multiple conversations with the parents to understand their preferences and ideas for the dress. This includes considering the design, overall form factor, and silhouette of the garment. Below are the steps involved in making 1 of 1 Signature Edition,

    1. Textile Design: Our designer begins the process by focusing on textile design. We believe that it is crucial to select the softest Handwoven Kanchipuram silk in order to truly capture the essence of royalty in our designs. This type of silk is known for its softness, durability and luxurious feel, making it the perfect choice for our clothing line. By carefully selecting the finest materials and fabrics, we aim to create clothing that not only looks beautiful, but also feels comfortable to wear. 
    2. Picking color palette: Our designer then moves on to selecting the colors for the dress. This is a key step in the design process as it plays a vital role in enhancing the overall aesthetic of the dress. Our designer goes through a variety of color palettes to determine which colors would best complement the chosen textile and bring out its unique characteristics. The color selection is done keeping in mind the occasion, the age group, and the preference of the customer. Our designer carefully chooses the colors that will bring out the best in the dress and make it stand out.
    3. Sketching: Once the designer has gathered inspiration from various sources, he will start creating sketches of their ideas for the dress. These sketches will showcase the designer's vision for the dress, including its design, style, and structure. They are an important step in the design process as they allow the designer to visually communicate their ideas to the customer, and for the customer to provide feedback and make any necessary changes. The sketches also serve as a guide for our team of tailors, who will use them to construct the final dress. By presenting the sketches to the customer, we can ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of what the final dress will look like before it is finalized and made. This process helps to ensure that the final product meets the customer's expectations and is exactly as they envisioned it. Through this process, the designer ensures that the final dress reflects his inspiration, creativity and skills.
    4. Production: The production process for the dress is a crucial step in creating a high-quality final product. At Half Scale, each piece of the dress is crafted by hand, which allows for a level of attention to detail and precision that cannot be achieved through mass production. The tailors and seamstresses who create the dress are skilled craftsmen who take great care in ensuring that each piece is made to perfection. They pay attention to every detail and use their expertise to create a dress that is not only visually beautiful but also comfortable to wear. The unique and detailed work applied to each piece of the dress ensures that the final product is of the highest quality, and meet the standard of Half Scale.
    5. Quality Check: The dress will go through several quality checks before it is considered ready to be delivered to the customer. This process guarantees that the final product meets the expectations of the customer and exceeds their satisfaction.
    6. Packaging: Lastly, the dress is not complete without a fabulous packaging to complete the overall experience. The packaging of the dress is an important aspect that cannot be ignored, as it plays a vital role in creating a memorable unboxing experience for the customer. At Half Scale, we design our packaging and box with great attention to detail to ensure that the entire package is polished and perfect. We take into consideration the occasion, the age group, and the preference of the customer to design the packaging. We use high-quality materials to create a package that is not only visually appealing, but also protective of the dress inside. The packaging design is also in line with the brand's aesthetic. The final package is beautifully wrapped, and a ribbon is tied around it to make it look more elegant. This ensures that the entire package is polished and perfect, completing the overall experience for the customer and leaving a lasting impression.
**Please contact us three months prior***

Half Scale offers custom made one-off dresses designed exclusively as per the client's requirement. Read the blog on one of our projects

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